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Travis Mead
Travis Mead
Head Coach/Owner

I have been at Iron Valley CF for over a year. And never have I been part of such a great community. The support you receive is incredible. The coaching and programming is unparalleled to any other place I've been. It's ideal for any fitness level and a great place to meet people. This is the place to workout that will make you stronger, faster, boost your self confidence and strengthen your ties in our community. Iron Valley is a life changer!

Erin Martyn

I can't say enough great things about this box! The team is more of a team they are a family. It all starts with the great coaching and amazing programming. They push you to your limits to be a better version of you. The coach is great at scaling a workout custom to your ability to both challenge you but not push you past what you are capable of. If anyone is interested in getting into better shape, having a more active life, and want to see what you are capable of try Iron Valley Crossfit. I would welcome you as a teammate and as a member of the family!

Greg Swartz

You won't find ANYWHERE that compares to IVC. I've been here for a year and a half and have loved every second. I hadn't exercised in over a year when I set foot in IVC and I am proud to say that I'm now in the best shape of my adult life and keep getting to set goals and meet them. Nothing compares to the feeling of getting stronger every day!
As soon as you walk in, friendly faces greet you - you become part of a community that is rare to find. The programming that the coaches come up with challenges every level of athlete from beginners to the elite. Travis is one of a kind and I can't recommend Iron Valley enough!

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