Nick Keliipuleole


My journey with Crossfit began in Hawaii when I was in high school in 2008. I wanted to make the varsity volleyball team. My dad took me to a gym, which looked like a typical fitness center. We walked past weights, cardio machines, racks, and mirrors.

We walked all the way through the gym and out the side door and into an old carport where Kimo, my first coach, sat in an office stuffed with wall balls, kettle bells, jump ropes, and bands. In this old carport were pull-up bars, mats, bumper plates, bars, and gigantic tires. I don’t remember what my first workout was, but I remember getting my ass kicked everyday and loving it.

I would finish school and drive myself to the box for my WOD. Needless to say I made the varsity team and found myself loving the movements and intensity. In 2009 I left Hawaii to attend Oregon Sate. I was an 18 year old looking to reinvent myself in a new world and I left Crossfit behind.

I found myself in the recreation center with machines, free weights, and treadmills. Four years into college (it took me five to finish) I found myself really looking for more from my workouts. I was fit and trained myself as hard as I could outside of a box, but something was missing. I missed my days in the box, busting my ass, flying around on a pull up rig, and mostly slamming heavy weights.

I found a box in Corvallis, Crossfit Train, and joined as soon as I could afford it. I probably couldn’t as a college kid thousands of miles away from home, but I was going to make it work. I graduated June of 2014 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Sports Science.

I moved to SE Portland where I took a job coaching women’s high school volleyball. As soon as I found my apartment I found a new box. I walked into IVC and was impressed by Travis’ energy, ability, and pride in his box and members. I can’t thank him and IVC enough for making me feel at home. I visit Hawaii several times a year for family and vacation and frequent my first box and coach Kimo, but IVC is my home now.
I see parents come into the box after 4pm with kids in tow at the end of a long hard workday all the time in Crossfit. These people have so many responsibilities and every excuse to skip. Yet, everyday they come in and kick ass. Members come in hours before the sun comes up and do amazing and incredible things all before dropping their kids off at school or starting their day in the office.

I want to be there for the people who put a priority on improving themselves so they can take care of others. That’s what I’m passionate about and that’s why I love doing this. If you have kids, if you’re the head of household, if you hold down a 9-5 and are serious about personal fitness then I want to help you.

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