I was fortunate to realize my passion at a young age, and even more fortunate to have made that passion my career. I genuinely love what I do and value each and every person that walks into my gym. My goal is that each and every member or visitor feels that the hour they spent at Iron Valley was the best hour of their day. I pride myself in knowing that I’ve created some of the toughest workouts for my clients and yet they smash them every time. As a coach there is nothing better than watching my gym family break through barriers and push themselves further than they could on their own.

My personal fitness journey began towards the end of middle school when my dad took me to a local gym. I was unfit and lazy and was often caught resting on the machines, but the consistency paid off and slowly I started noticing that my muscles were becoming visible – I was hooked!
Throughout high school and into my early 20’s I focused much of my energy on lifting heavy weights and competing in local Bodybuilding and Powerlifting/Strongman competitions, always looking for a challenge. It was also at this point in my life that I realized I had found my passion; I knew someday I would open a gym of my own to help others achieve their fitness goals.

In 2013 my boss convinced me to try CrossFit. I knew nothing of the sport, but after a bit of Googling I found a CrossFit workout to try out. The workout was “Karen”, 150 wall balls for time. It destroyed me and I was intrigued! I joined my first official CrossFit class at CrossFit Fort Vancouver and walked in believing I was in shape, an hour later I was humbled to say the least. I was immediately addicted and never looked back. A year later I opened the doors of Iron Valley CrossFit.

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